My Supermarket Anxiety IS Justified.

Why do we have to get out of bed?

Bed is so much warmer than this blasted recliner chair.

Why can we not eat in bed too?

I’m here, snuggled up to the juice that was left beside me and I cannot be bothered being out of bed any longer.

It’s not as if there is something important going on today. Why SHOULD I be out of bed?!

Ugh, Hades is barking again…..mandatory that I look interested even just for a moment.

I don’t particularly like cheese. He’s likely not barking at cheese. I think I heard a noise…somewhere…..sort of.

Today is Sunday.

I demand to go back to bed.

If memory serves correctly, and it does because I constantly do exercises to keep it functioning on HIGH, there’s not even nice dinner to look forward to. I’m serious. It’s as if it’s been purchased from a supermarket. I loathe supermarkets. So low in class. So many germs and disgusting excuses forĀ  people wandering around. Those places are one of the reasons I refuse to board the car…what if that’s where the car is headed?

Oh, enough of my anxiety for this moment.

I bid you farewell, Herra